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Something good just might happen...and it did for these Oregon Lottery winners!

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Click on any Oregon county to see who's won playing the Oregon Lottery. (Only winners of over $600 since July 1999 are listed.)

Every day, thousands of people win playing the Oregon Lottery! The winners on this page are just a few of the Lottery winners across Oregon. Read all about how fun it is to win with the Oregon Lottery!

Win For Life Top Prize Winner Part of Winning Family!

Jo-Ann Sweeney of Portland became the third top prize winner of $1,000 a week for the rest of her life in the Lottery's popular Win for Life on-line game. She purchased her winning ticket at Mr. A's Deli Mart on NE Halsey in Gresham.

Jo-Ann's winning numbers, 10-21-44-56, are based on the month, day and year of birth, plus her age. Jo-Ann, 57, hadn't gotten around to changing the last number to match her current age, and was still using 56. It was Jo-Ann's husband, Tom, who brought the big win to her attention. Just a couple of hours after the drawing, Jo-Ann was visiting with a friend at home. Tom was checking the Oregon Lottery's Web site to see what the winning numbers were for Megabucks and Win for Life. Tom says when he got to the Win for Life winning numbers he put on the brakes. "I recognized the numbers right away," said Tom, "But I couldn't remember if Jo-Ann was using 56 or 57." Tom took a quick look at Jo-Ann's ticket, and saw she was using 56.

But Wait! There's More!
Winning with the Oregon Lottery isn't new for Jo-Ann and her family. Her husband, Tom, was a contestant on the nationally televised "Powerball-The Game Show" on May 12, 2001, winning $102,000. Tom has also been a "home partner" player for the TV game show, winning an additional $100. Jo-Ann's sister, Bobbie, was on "Powerball-The Game Show" Dec. 2, 2000 and along with winning twice as a "home partner," she has won more than $1,700 in prizes. Jo-Ann has not been left out of the "Powerball-The Game Show" fun. She has been selected as a "home partner" player seven times, and has won $1,900 in prizes.

The Party Goes on With $7.8 Million Megabucks Jackpot!

For Michael O'Donnell of Gresham, the party has just begun. Michael and his wife, Louise, had just returned home from a family birthday, when they discovered they were the owners of the winning $7.8 million Megabucks jackpot ticket from the Feb. 2, drawing. Michael matched all six numbers to become the 175th Oregon Lottery Megabucks millionaire.

Megabucks millionaires number 176 and 177 were right behind O'Donnell as he shared the prize with his son, Mark O'Donnell, and his daughter, Annette Schnell. Each received a $1 million portion of the prize, leaving O'Donnell with a $5.8 million prize. Both Mark and Annette are Milwaukie residents.

Michael's winning ticket was purchased from the Sunset Fred Meyer store, at 22075 NW Imbrie Dr., in Hillsboro. Michael used the "Quick Pick" method to select his winning numbers. His $5 ticket included 10 sets of numbers. The third set of numbers provided Michael with his big win. The winning numbers were 5-6-7-30-31-39. The winning ticket was one of 12,450 winning tickets from the Feb. 2, Megabucks drawing.

Michael plays his own numbers, but also plays "Quick Pick." He said his purchase of the winning tickets was like he had received a message. "I was out and about and something told me it was time to get my tickets."

When he returned from the party, Michael checked his ticket against the winning numbers listed in the newspaper. He couldn't believe what he saw. "I saw all the numbers, and just kept staring at them over and over," said Michael. He turned to his wife and said, "I think we just won the Lottery."

Super Win for Super Crossword Player!

Angelina Juan Miguel of Portland is one of the Oregon Lottery's newest Scratch-it winners after claiming a $25,000 top prize in the Oregon Lottery's popular "Super Crossword" Scratch-it game #374. Angelina uncovered 10 words to become the third $25,000 winner in the game. "Super Crossword" game #374 has a total prize payout of over $2.9 million.

Angelina, a regular Scratch-it player, claimed her prize at the Lottery office in Salem on Jan. 25. She was accompanied by family members who shared in her excitement. The group said they were "very happy and still a little shocked" over winning the big prize.

Angelina, 23, is from a small village in Guatemala. She spoke of the possibility of purchasing a home in her native country with a portion of her prize money.

Angelina 's immediate plans called for her and the family to enjoy a celebration dinner in Portland.

Oregon Lottery Scratch-it players won over $85 million in prizes during 2001. In total, Oregon Lottery Scratch-it players have won more than $922 million in prizes since the first Scratch-it game was introduced in April 1985.

Lake Oswego Woman Wins Oregon's 199th $100,000 Powerball Prize!

Bonnie Guthrie of Lake Oswego is the Oregon Lottery's latest $100,000 Powerball winner after matching five numbers without the power ball in the Jan. 16, drawing. Bonnie's winning ticket, one of 10,784 winning tickets for Oregon Lottery Powerball players from that drawing, was purchased from Safeway #508, on "A" Avenue, in Lake Oswego.

Bonnie's winning ticket, the 199th winning $100,000 Powerball ticket sold in Oregon, used the "Quick Pick" method to purchase a $2 ticket with two sets of numbers. Her big win came in the second set of numbers.

Bonnie, 32, found out about her big win when she checked her ticket the Friday after the drawing. She knew she had a winner, but wasn't sure of the amount. "The clerk checked the ticket and said, 'This is the big one for $100,000,'" said Bonnie, who yelled and screamed when she realized what she had won.

Bonnie has definite plans for her prize money. "I'm going back to school to become a teacher."


"Team" Wins $18,688 Sports Action Prize!

Working as a team can be a rewarding experience. It was a very rewarding experience for Randy Estes of Oakland and Ed Muehle of Wilbur, when they teamed up to become $18,688 Sports Action winners. Randy and Ed claimed their prize at the Lottery office in Salem on Jan. 11.

The two friends, who each received a prize of $9,344 before state and federal withholding taxes, matched 14 out of 14 events for pro football games played Dec. 15, 16 and 17, week #642. The winning ticket was purchased at the Cozy Corner in Sutherlin. Ken Rogers, the Cozy Corner's owner, accompanied Randy and Ed on their Lottery visit.

In total, Sports Action players have won more than $61.5 million in prizes since the game began Sept. 6, 1989. An $84,109 prize was won by a player who picked correctly on 14 of 14 events on Oct. 4, 1989.

Turkey Face Santa Radio Promotion Cruise Winner!

photograph of Don OylerIn his lifetime, Don Oyler of Eugene has met fat Santas, thin Santas, tall Santas and short Santas, but he'd never met a "Turkey Face Santa" until he took part in the Oregon Lottery's "Turkey Face Santa Unique Gift Ideas" promotion. The promotion directed radio listeners to go to the Lottery's web site to find the Turkey Face Santa Unique Gift Idea of the Day. Then by calling participating radio stations, listeners all across Oregon had the chance of winning free Scratch-its and a seven-day Caribbean cruise valued at $3,000.

Don went to the Lottery's Web site, then called Eugene radio station KZEL on Dec. 19 with the day's correct Turkey Face Santa Unique Gift Idea. In addition to winning free Scratch-its, his name was placed into the drawing for the Caribbean cruise. "I just can't believe it," said Don, who added that he has never been on a cruise before. Don received his prize in a special presentation at the Lottery office in Salem on Jan. 9. "It still hasn't really set in. This is just incredible."

Don, 34, is looking forward to his trip, and along with his wife, Kory, is getting more excited every day. Don says he has had success from time to time entering contests for lesser prizes, and was really excited to tell his wife about the trip. "A couple months ago I won some tacos in a contest. My wife said, 'This is great, but why don't you try and win me a cruise.'" Kory didn't believe Don after he called to tell her the good news, but it didn't take long for her to realize the excitement in his voice was real!

Bill Jones is Headed to Belize with ...

photograph of Bill JonesBill Jones, a 78-year-old Beaverton resident and the Grand Prize winner of the Keno un-Belize-able Caribbean Getaway, is going to Belize and he's planning on taking with him ... the highest bidder (he joked). He's very excited about the trip and said that he didn't know whom he would take to Belize, but he's got more than a few friends and family yearning to accompany him to the sunny, sandy beaches. He has 7 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and a host of Aloha American Legion friends who would love to be Belize bound. Let the bidding begin.

$15 Million Megabucks Prize Sold in Hillsboro!

Juan Manuel Orozco became the Oregon Lottery's newest Megabucks millionaire after claiming the $15 million jackpot for the Nov. 12, 2001 drawing! Juan matched all six numbers to become the 174th Megabucks millionaire and the first jackpot winner from the new Monday Megabucks drawing. He purchased his winning ticket at Hanks #2 in Hillsboro.

Juan claimed his prize, the third largest Megabucks jackpot ever won, at the Lottery office in Salem on Nov. 14. He chose the "Investment Fund" option for prize payment, which provides the winner a single payment equal to one-half the advertised jackpot amount. Juan's winning ticket was just one of 9,184 winning tickets from the Nov. 12 drawing.

Staying Warm on a Cold Winter's Night

photograph of Melanie GrayMelanie Gray of Salem will stay warm this winter while holding some "cold cash." The cold cash that has given Melanie such a warm feeling is her $5,000 prize from the Lottery's "Cold Cash" Scratch-it game. Melanie, 20, matched three $5,000 amounts on her holiday theme ticket to become an instant winner. Melanie, an occasional Scratch-it player, purchased her winning ticket at 7/Eleven #20806, on Pine St., in Salem. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw what she'd won. One of the first things Melanie did was show her winning ticket to her mom. "She was so excited and happy for me," said Melanie. Paying bills and adding to a happy holiday season are the top two priorities for Melanie's prize money.

Change Is Good!

Change was good for Ron Schwirse of Portland. Ron took the change he was about to receive after buying his Powerball tickets, and purchased a $2 "Harley-Davidson®" Scratch-it ticket. That purchase made Ron the winner of a 2001 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200 Custom* motorcycle, the top prize offered in the game. Ron's prize is valued at more than $14,000

Ron became the fourth winner of a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle from the Oregon Lottery. "I've always wanted a Harley," said Ron. "I can't wait to get it." Ron received his new motorcycle at a special presentation at Destination Harley-Davidson® in Tigard. Destination store personnel, customers, and Lottery representatives cheered Ron as he climbed aboard his new Harley-Davidson®, ready to ride.

As of Oct. 14, there were three additional 2001 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200 Custom* motorcycles remaining to be claimed. In addition to the top prize, players have the chance to win cash prizes ranging from $2 to $5,000, and Harley-Davidson® merchandise including leather jackets, duffel bags, blankets, CD sets and leather ball caps. In total, the Scratch-it game offers over $2.4 million in prizes.

Jacksonville Man Wins $8.75 Million Megabucks Jackpot!

Two days after someone hit an $8.75 million Megabucks Jackpot, Wayne Reavis strolled into the J'ville Tavern and heard that the unclaimed winning ticket was sold there. "I had my ticket with me and thought I'd better check it out," Wayne says.

One of the hostesses checked his ticket, "Then it got interesting!" Wayne compared his numbers to those drawn June 23 and discovered all six matched! It didn't take long for everyone there to find out!" A lot of yelling and 'congratulations!' were going around!"

Wayne headed home to share the good news with his wife, Jackie. At first, she thought he was teasing, but after checking the ticket, Jackie knew Wayne was indeed the big winner. The 77-year-old won the Oregon Lottery's sixth largest Megabucks jackpot ever -- $8.75 million -- to become Oregon's 172nd Megabucks millionaire! He purchased 10 sets of numbers at a cost of $5. His fourth set of numbers -- 17-24-29-42-44-47 -- were the winners!

Wayne, who continues to work at the flight service he once owned, says "I really haven't taken a lot of time to think about what to do with the money, but I'm sure Jackie will have some plans." While he claimed his winnings in Salem, Wayne says, Jackie was most likely pouring over cruise brochures at home.

Two Harley-Davidson® Scratch-it Winners Ready to Ride!

photograph of Dave Mountain and Brent GergerIn two consecutive days, two Harley-Davidson® Scratch-it players claimed top prizes of Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200 Custom™ Motorcycles! Dave Mountain of Portland and Brent Gerger of Albany will be riding in style!

Dave's winning Harley-Davidson® Scratch-it was part of his Father's Day celebration. Dining out with family members, Dave's wife, Pam, presented him with five Harley-Davidson® Scratch-its. "He told me to scratch them for him because he knows how much I enjoy playing the Scratch-it games," Pam explains. When she scratched the fifth ticket, Pam couldn't believe what she saw. "There was this motorcycle symbol looking up at us!"

"We just kept staring at the ticket," says Dave. "It was hard to believe that we'd won." The Mountains had their ticket checked where Pam had made her purchase -- Plaid Pantry No. 145 in Portland. The clerk confirmed they'd won big! Dave presented his winning ticket at the Lottery office on June 18.

"I just can't believe this is all real," says 52-year-old Dave, who had been shopping for a Harley-Davidson® for the past six months.

Like the Mountains, after scratching his ticket, Brent Gerger, 40, could not believe what he'd uncovered. "I saw the motorcycle symbol, but I wasn't sure if that meant I'd won," he explains. Brent thought you had to match three motorcycles to win. He read the game description again, then realized he was a big winner!

Brent has decided to give up peddling his bicycle for the new Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200™ custom motorcycle he won. His winning ticket, purchased at Pop's Branding Iron in Albany, was the third Harley-Davidson® Scratch-it that Brent purchased since the game began June 5.

"This is a great way to win a prize," says Brent. The Oregon Lottery pays delivery, license, title and registration fees, federal and state withholding taxes on the motorcycle, valued at more than $14,000.

The Harley-Davidson® Scratch-it is so popular, more tickets, two more motorcycles and extra merchandise are on their way for players! An additional Harley-Davidson® will be awarded through the Lottery's Web site. To be eligible to win the drawing, entrants must be 18 years or older and register on the Lottery's Web site. The number on the back of a non-winning Harley-Davidson® Scratch-it ticket is required as part of the Web entry form. The last day to enter the second-chance drawing is Sept. 10, 2001.

"You Can't Win If You Don't Play!' Says $1,000 a Week for Life Winner!

text: Win for Life Winner"The Oregon Lottery says, 'Something Good Just Might Happen.' Something good just did happen!" declares $1,000 A Week For Life winner Jackie Skarmas. The 41-year-old Canby resident's May 19 Win For Life ticket matched all four numbers in the $1,000 A Week For Life section!

While shopping at Cutsforth's Thriftway in Canby, where she plays Lottery games, Jackie had a clerk check her tickets. Jackie had a winner worth over $600, so the clerk told her she needed to claim her prize at the Lottery office in Salem. Then the clerk informed Jackie that the May 19 winning $1,000 A Week For Life ticket had been sold in Canby. They checked the numbers, 18-44-60-63, again. Jackie was the big winner!

Back at home, Jackie's husband, Ben "looked at her and knew something big was up." When Jackie told her husband she had just won the Lottery, "I just stared at her for a minute," Ben says. The Skarmas' are excited that they now have a great opportunity to provide the college education they've dreamed of for their 13-year-old daughter Nicole.

Jackie received her first check of $52,000, before state and federal taxes, at the Lottery office on May 29. Each year, she'll get another check, for life!

Jackie's advice? "You can't win if you don't play!"

Reynolds' Riches Grow with $50,000 Win for Life

photograph of Tom ReyoldsTom Reynolds of Forest Grove was wired when he learned on line that he'd won $50,000 playing Win For Life! The 47-year-old machinist went to www.oregonlottery.org to check the drawing results. All four numbers on the $50,000 prize line of his ticket matched the numbers, 5-11-41-50, drawn on May 16.

"I checked the top prize and saw that I didn't have those numbers," Tom explains. "When I checked the $50,000 set, I could see right away I had the winning numbers!" Tom quickly told his wife. "I got pretty excited when I realized it was $50,000!" says Rachel. The Reynolds intend to put their prize money in the bank and let it work for them.

Tom purchased his $2 "Quick Pick" ticket at 7/Eleven No. 20715 in Forest Grove.

The Winning Ways of Win for Life

Oregon Lottery players are winning big AND winning often with Win For Life! By the end of May, the top pay-outs include a $1,000 A Week For Life winner, one $50,000 winner, five $20,000 winners and 12 $10,000 winners!

As of June 1, four winning tickets remain unclaimed:
- $20,000 winners: from the Feb. 24 and the May 30 drawings,
- $10,000 winners: from the May 2 and the May 12 drawings.

Winners include these lucky folks:


Barbara Fagerberg of Portland won $20,000! Barbara matched four numbers in the second set of numbers on the $20,000 prize level of her March 3rd ticket. Her winning ticket was purchased at VFW  No. 4248 in Portland.

Junction City resident David Wallace had a $20,000 winning ticket for the April 11 Win For Life drawing. He bought his ticket at Safeway No. 386 in his home town.


Eileen Esping of Portland won $10,000 in the March 12 Win For Life drawing. Eileen bought her winning ticket at The Alibi in North Portland.

Nicole Kish of Beaverton won $10,000 in the April 7 drawing. Silver Dollar Pizza in Beaverton sold Nicole her winning ticket.

Bonnie Toot of Springfield and William Rex of Redmond split a $10,000 winning ticket. They won in the April 11 drawing. Mather's Market in Springfield sold the winning ticket.

Jennifer Sampson of Carlton won $10,000 in the April 14 drawing. She bought her winning ticket at Da-Boys Carlton.

Two players won $10,000 apiece in the May 7 drawing -- Paul Blinka of Ashland and Clarice Rose of Beaverton. Both winning tickets were purchased at an Albertson's -- Paul's at Albertson's No. 568 in Eugene, and Clarice's at Albertson's No. 567 in Aloha.

Jacob's Not Joking About $5,000 Joker's Wild Win!

photograph of Jacob GranfiedJacob Grandfied's friends got wild news from him when he called five of them at 5 in the morning after winning $5,000 on a Joker's Wild Scratch-it!

The manager of an Aloha bar, Jacob worked past closing to clean up after a Friday night. Then, he drove to a nearby 7/Eleven to buy a couple of burritos. On a whim, he decided to buy five of the $1 Joker's Wild Scratch-its. Why Joker's Wild? The game is one of Jacob's favorites.

Jacob sat in his car scratching his tickets. A couple of them were $1 winners. The last one he scratched -- which had been the first out of the ticket dispenser -- held two aces and a joker for a $5,000 win! After claiming his prize at the Lottery office, Jacob took his niece shopping for her eighth birthday.

Kelley Driven to $10,000 Win for Life Prize

Driving to Portland every other week to see a friend, Californian Charles W. Kelley included buying Win For Life tickets in his itinerary. He stops in Ashland for breakfast and buys tickets for himself and friends at the Albertsons before continuing north.

Charles noticed the game's great odds when it was introduced in February. "The odds are low enough that you have the potential to win," he says. And the odds paid off for Charles! Winning what he calls "teaser" amounts of $2 and $25, Charles came up a $10,000 winner in the May 2 drawing! He claimed his prize May 25.

A construction worker, Charles had been so busy working he didn't know he had a winning ticket. "At Albertsons, when the clerk said she couldn't pay me, I was shocked! I knew that I had won at least $10,000!"

"Forgotten" Ticket Realizes Dream for Colton Family

photograph of Shelley AncellShelley Ancell always said when she won a big prize it would go toward a down payment on a house. She and her husband Lance were discussing the dream of a home for their family of five, when Shelley remembered she'd purchased a Win For Life ticket. For two days, she'd forgotten it. She was nearly shell-shocked when she found out she'd won $10,000!

The 31-year-old Colton resident let out a scream and began jumping up and down as the realization dawned on her. Her husband Lance thought "No way!" but after each of them compared the ticket to the winning numbers, Lance was a believer.

A co-worker at Oregon City's Wichita Bar & Grill validated the ticket for Shelley. "He told me the message came up saying that I had to claim my prize at Lottery headquarters in Salem, but I didn't know how much I'd won until he printed out the winning numbers from the March 5 drawing." It wasn't long before everyone in the tavern knew what was going on. "It was fun and exciting," said Shelley. "Now our dream is going to come true!"

Aumsville Woman 'Quick Picks' $20,000 in Win for Life

Cora Williams of Aumsville won $20,000 playing Win For Life March 26! "It's my new favorite game," she says. The game is easy to play, Cora says, and she likes the fact that there are a number of ways to win. Four numbers in the third set of Cora's numbers in the $20,000 prize level matched those drawn.

She followed the Lottery's suggestion of saying, "Give me a Win for Life Quick Pick" when purchasing her $2 ticket at Aumsville Thriftway. Cora started playing the game when it debuted on Feb. 19. "I enjoy it!"

Caribbean Stud Poker Cruise-Winning Hands!

photographs of winnersWant to take a sea cruise? Play Caribbean Stud Poker Scratch-it! The lastest lucky winners include these five Oregonians: Ray Walker of Oakridge, Charles Savage of Fairview, Vernalee Kennedy of Medford, Cedric Arnett of Portland and Connie Coleman of Portland have each won seven-day cruises for two, with airfare, valued at over $3,500! A total of 25 cruises are prizes in Caribbean Stud Poker Scratch-it.

Ray had a Straight Flush to beat the Caribbean Stud Poker dealer! He bought his ticket at Weddle's Sportsman Restaurant in Oakridge. Charles purchased his winning ticket at Safeway No. 430 in Gresham. Vernalee bought hers at 7-Eleven on Crater Lake Boulevard in Medford. Cedric beat the dealer with a Straight Flush on a ticket purchased at 7-Eleven No. 17335 in Southeast Portland. Carrie's husband, Tony, stopped for gas at Circle K No. 5453 in Beaverton and purchased their winning ticket.

Vernalee -- with six children, friends and co-workers -- has plenty of people willing to share the cruise she won May 9. Deciding who gets to take the cruise with her is going to be hard. Vernalee says, "I have great kids. I'm not sure how I'll come up with an answer!"

"I kept telling my friend at the 7-Eleven that I was going to win a cruise," she says. "I just couldn't believe it when it happened." After she uncovered the cruise ship symbol, Vernalee double-checked with a coworker to make sure her four-of-a-kind beat the dealer's straight. "I was really sure it did, but I needed to hear it from someone else."

Tony and Carrie plan to be celebrating next Valentine's Day cruising the Caribbean, four years after their engagement. "It's unbelievable!" Carrie says. Commuting to work on May 15, Tony glanced at his fuel gauge and doubled back to buy gas. While his tank filled, he bought a $3 Caribbean Stud Poker Scratch-it. Several minutes later, he called his wife at home in Southeast Portland and asked, "How much do you love me?" Pausing, she wondered, "What kind of question is that?" "We're going to the Caribbean!" Tony exclaimed. "I just won with a royal flush in Caribbean Stud Poker!" Carrie says, "I am so excited!"

Running Out of Gas Fuels $5,000 "Strike It Rich" Purchase

Stephen Beaver of Harrisburg ran out of gas, but that didn't detour him from winning $5,000 in the "Strike it Rich" Scratch-it game.

At the gas station, Stephen purchased his first Lottery ticket, a single $5 "Strike It Rich" Scratch-it. (He'd just turned 18 the day before.) When he got home, he scratched his ticket and couldn't believe what he saw! He had his parents check the ticket, then went back to the Dari-Mart and had a clerk validate it.

Store personnel had kidded Stephen when he purchased only one ticket. Returning to the store, he pointed to his single ticket saying, "Oh look, I won!"

Claiming his winnings on April 13, Stephen says he plans to use a portion of his prize money on his truck. Presumably to get gas.

Bingo Lucky Charm for Roseburg $10,000 Winner

photograph of Claudia Jensen"I saw the four corners first and thought, 'Oh! I won $100!' Then I realized I'd uncovered an 'X' and I started screaming!" says $10,000 Scratch-it winner Claudia Jensen.

The Roseburg resident bought 10 Lucky Charm Bingo Scratch-its April 4 at the Southgate Market. She thought about buying only five, but decided she could scratch five right away and the other five the next day. After scratching five, Claudia had won about $40. She kept on scratching and the next card held the $10,000 prize!

Her husband Earl was golfing, so after calling her children, Claudia drove to the McDonalds that her daughter Stacey manages. Overcome by excitement, Claudia had her son-in-law drive her home where she shared her charming news with her husband of 45 years!

"Bingo is my favorite thing," says Claudia. She also enjoys Crossword Scratch-its. "I like having something in front of me and doing the scratching."

Life's a Breeze for $20,000 Caribbean Stud Poker Winner

photograph of Shannon OrfA soft sea breeze could have blown over Shannon Orf when she realized she had won $20,000 playing Caribbean Stud Poker Scratch-it!

After work one evening, the Redmond store clerk purchased a $2 Caribbean Stud Poker Scratch-it and visited with a co-worker while scratching the ticket. It took her a minute to realize what prize she had won. "I kept looking at my ticket. I just couldn't believe it!" Shannon said.

The 28-year-old had her ticket checked in Daisy Quick Shop. She claimed her top prize just three days after the Caribbean Stud Poker Scratch-it was introduced in March.

Shannon has a destination for her prize money: "Paying off the house is the first thing on my list," she said.


photograph of Alfred WagnerBuying a new, shiny black pickup truck -- fully loaded -- is the first thing 74-year-old Alfred Wagner plans to do with his $100,000 Powerball winnings.

"The truck will prove to my sister that I really did win Powerball!" says Alfred.

Since Powerball began, Alfred has been playing at King City Liquor Store once a week. He always opts for "Quick Pick." For the March 17 Powerball drawing, Alfred spent $5 for one ticket with five sets of numbers. His fourth set of numbers matched the five winning numbers: 15 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 36 without the power ball, which was 18.

Alfred did not exercise the Power Play option that became a new feature of the game on March 7. With just $1 more per set of numbers, winnings can double, triple, quadruple or multiply five times! The Power Play multiplier in the March 17 drawing was five.

A veteran of two wars, Alfred served in the U.S. Navy for 22 years before he retired from the military. When he retired from working as a mechanic in 1992, Alfred bought a midnight blue pickup truck that he will trade in for the fully loaded 2001 model.


Gresham dental hygienist Angela Allinger, 24, won $10,000 playing Crossword Times 10 Scratch-it! Her husband John bought two Scratch-its on March 13 at Summit Bingo in Northeast Portland. The Allingers occasionally buy one or two Scratch-its when they play bingo.

Angela likes the extended play games like Crossword. She uncovered nine words for a $1,000 win, then was thrilled to find a 10 times multiplier in the prize level box!

Before her $10,000 win, Angela and John had been hunting for their first home. Her winnings will add to their down payment.

$1.25 Million Megabucks Jackpot Sweetens Retirement!

photograph of Lois Crum and husbandLois Crum of Port Orford is the Oregon Lottery's newest Megabucks jackpot winner! The 65-year-old manager of the Port Orford Circle K store was planning to retire this year. Now her retirement will be  richer!

Using "Quick Pick," Lois matched all six numbers in the March 10 Megabucks drawing, 7-22-25-38-41-44. She chose the "Investment Fund" option.

When she saw that one person won the March 10 drawing, she thought somebody was lucky. Then, she realized that she was the somebody! Lois always thought she would turn in her store keys if she won. Until the reality of her win sinks in and a new manager is on the job, Lois will be at the counter to greet customers.

Counting shared jackpots, Oregon has 231 Megabucks jackpot winners, resulting in 171 Megabucks millionaires. The biggest Megabucks jackpot ever won was $23 million. In total, Oregon Lottery players have won over $438 million in Megabucks prizes.

Winning tickets for 170 Megabucks jackpots have been sold since the first tickets went on sale Nov. 20, 1985.

$25,000 Powerball Winner With the New Power Play!

photograph of Brandon HoffertBrandon Hoffert didn't wait long,winning a $25,000 prize in the first Powerball drawing with the new Power Play multiplier option on March 7. Brandon matched four of five numbers plus the power ball number, a $5,000 prize. The Power Play multiplier for the drawing was 5. By choosing the Power Play option, Brandon won a prize equal to five times the regular prize, resulting in his $25,000 win!

The new Power Play multiplier option made its debut with the March 7, Powerball drawing. When purchasing tickets, players may select the new option for an extra $1 per set of Powerball numbers they play, and have a chance to multiply any cash prize they win. As part of the Powerball drawing a Power Play multiplier, from 1x to 5x, will be randomly selected. When a player has chosen the power play multiplier option, and wins a Powerball cash prize on from $3 - $100,000, the cash prize will be multiplied by that number.

$6.25 Million Megabucks Winner!

photograph of June KammJune Kamm of Hermiston is the Oregon Lottery's newest Megabucks millionaire after claiming the $6.25 million jackpot prize from the March 3 drawing. June matched all six numbers to become the 171st Megabucks millionaire. The winning ticket, one of 5,101 winning tickets from the drawing, was purchased at Safeway, 990 Highway 395 S, Hermiston. The winning numbers were 11-13-14-15-35-42.

Anthony Ulsky, The First Win for Life $10,000 Winner!

Anthony Ulsky is the first $10,000 winner in the Oregon Lottery's popular new "Win For Life" game. He won his $10,000 prize in the February 21, drawing. Win For Life is the exciting new $2 online game that offers a top prize of $1,000 a week for life. The February 24, drawing produced a winning $20,000 ticket, which has not been claimed at this time. Win For Life's first four drawings produced more than 36,000 winning tickets.

Anthony used the "Quick Pick" method to select his numbers when purchasing his winning $2 ticket, one of 7,611 winning tickets from the drawing. The odds of winning a prize, 1 in 4.63, was the first thing that attracted him to the new game. That, and the chance to win $1,000 a week for life. "That would be nice," said Anthony, who's ready to try again. He says he will deposit his prize money in the bank for now before deciding what to do with it. "I'll have to give that a little bit of thought."

Salem Man Scores $25,000 With Instant Powerball II

Uncovering the letters to the words "hook" and "shot" racked up a big win for Keith Sarell of Salem. On game three of his Instant Powerball II Scratch-it ticket, Keith revealed both words in the same row to win a $25,000 top prize!

The Instant Powerball II Scratch-it has a total prize payout of over $8 million in prizes. It also offers players the chance to win an expense-paid trip for two to Hollywood if the player's name is drawn as a contestant for the nationally televised Powerball–The Game Show.

Tic-Tac-Dough Delivers $30,000!

photograph of Melinda HeitzmanA $3 Tic-Tac-Dough Scratch-it ticket cooked up a sweet win for Melinda Heitzman of Veneta! She won the top prize of $30,000 winner by completing a diagonal line in game four of Tic-Tac-Dough. After scratching her ticket, Melinda was in shock. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing," she said.

Melinda was bowling at Strike City/Pop's Restaurant in Eugene when she purchased her winning ticket.

Melinda's $30,000 prize is just a small part of the more than $2 million in prizes offered in Tic-Tac-Dough. She claimed her prize at the Lottery office in Salem on March 5.

Rolling Jackpot Bonus Boosts Keno Win Over $40,000!

photograph of Clarice MarkleyPortlander Clarice Markley planned to visit Alaska with some of the $41,057 Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus she won Feb. 26! Clarice lived in Alaska before moving to Oregon.

Playing played Keno at Dad's Restaurant & Lounge in Portland, Clarice used family birth dates as her numbers on an eight-spot Keno ticket. She played three consecutive games and won big in the third game! Clarice earned $15,000 for matching all eight of her numbers, plus a $26,057 Rolling Jackpot Bonus!

Trio Collects $40,000 Adventure Island Treasure

photograph of Adventure Island playersSteve Casares, Caralee Anley and Pam Onion experienced the adventure of a lifetime playing the $3 Adventure Island Scratch-it! The trio completely uncovered one of the prize symbols to win the top prize of $40,000! Their winning ticket was from Keegan's Korner in Molalla.

Caralee, her fiance Steve, and her mom, Pam, shared equally in the grand prize. They claimed their winnings Feb 19.

Adventure Island offers 32 ways to win and more than $2.16 million in prizes!

$6 Million Megabucks Win Spices Up Portlander's Life

The first set of six numbers on Loretta' Spicer's $1 Megabucks ticket matched! She won $6 million! The 169th Oregon Lottery Megabucks millionaire, Loretta was the sixth Portland resident and the 23rd Oregon winner to claim or share a Megabucks jackpot during 2000!

Loretta bought her winning "Quick Pick" Megabucks ticket at Plaid Pantry, 2116 NE 82nd Ave., Portland. The winning numbers for Nov. 29, 2000, were 1-8-10-13-19-43.

Loretta chose the "Investment Fund" option for prize payment, which provides the winner with a single payment equal to one-half the advertised jackpot amount. She received a prize of $3 million before state and federal withholding.

Silverton Resident Mines $100,000 Powerball Prize!

Pamela Lewis of Silverton was one of five $100,000 Powerball winners in November 2000! She became the Oregon Lottery's 177th $100,000 Powerball winner by matching five numbers to win her big prize! The winning numbers were 2-37-38-39-42. The winning power ball number, which Pamela did not match, was 22.

Pamela used the "Quick Pick" method to select five sets of numbers. Her big win came in the second set. She purchased her ticket at Silverton Beverage, 323 Westfield St. Hers was one of 32,756 winning tickets for Oregon Lottery Powerball players from the Nov. 25, 2000, drawing.

Peacocks Feather Nest with $5.25 Million Megabucks Win!

Playing the same numbers for several months paid off big for Bill Peacock of Gresham. He won a $5.25 million Megabucks jackpot Sept. 9, 2000. Bill's winning numbers were 5-15-20-22-24-35.

The 168th Megabucks millionaire since the game began in 1985, Bill bought his Megabucks ticket at Plaid Pantry, 930 E Powell Blvd., Gresham. "It'll make everything easier," said Bill, an electrician. "We'll be the smiling Peacocks now."

With the winnings, Bill promised Marleen "a big diamond ring" to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary. The couple also wanted to treat their three children to Disneyland and purchase a home.

Bill chose the annuity option and took home a check for $262,500 before state and federal taxes, the first of 20 annual payments.

Powerball Bounces $100,000 Into New Player's Pocket!

James Vore got lucky after playing Powerball only a few times! Winning $100,000, he became the Oregon Lottery's 10th $100,000 Powerball winner of the new millennium and Oregon's 166th Powerball player to win a $100,000 prize!

One of the first things James did was call his wife, who was out of the state, and share his good news! He planned to use the prize money for repairs and projects around the house.

Purchasing his winning ticket at Knot Hole Market, 2412 S. Santiam Highway, Lebanon, James used the "Quick Pick" method to select a single set of numbers. The winning numbers for James were 2-12-15-33-41. The winning power ball number, which James did not match, was 33.

Portlander, Florence Resident Split $4 Million Megabucks Prize!

Samir Taha of Portland became the Oregon Lottery's 167th Megabucks millionaire July 8, 2000, dividing a $4 million Megabucks jackpot with a resident of Florence. Samir purchased his winning ticket at Winco Foods No. 2 in Beaverton.

Samir chose the "Original Payment" plan when purchasing his winning ticket, but changed to the "Investment Fund" option when claiming his prize. He received a check for $1 million before state and federal taxes.

Pick 4 Hatches $5,000 for Eagle Point Resident!

Pick 4 players love the game's winning ways! Robin Kestell of Eagle Point won $5,000 – the largest single Pick 4 prize – after matching all four numbers (6-8-5-5) in the exact order! A regular Pick 4 player, Robin purchased a $7 ticket for seven consecutive drawings on June 28, 2000. She bought her winning ticket at Shady Cove Market, 2211 Highway 62.

Robin says her prize money will be used to pay bills. She was accompanied to the Lottery office in Salem by her 3-year-old grandson, and it looked as if the two of them were off to celebrate Robin's good fortune.

The "match all 4 in exact order" option that Robin selected is one of seven choices Pick 4 offers. Pick 4 prizes range from $3 to the top prize of $5,000, depending upon the amount of the wager and the number of options played.

Keno Jackpot Pays Warrenton Man Over $48,000!

All of Samuel Hooper's favorite numbers matched on an eight-spot Keno ticket to win a $48,451 Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus prize on June 26, 2000!

The Warrenton resident, who always plays the same Keno numbers, played five consecutive games at $1 per game. His big prize came in the third game! Hooper won $15,000 for the exact match and $33,451 in the Rolling Jackpot Bonus. He purchased his winning ticket at Astoria Mini Mart, 95 W Marine Drive.

Gold Rush Scratch-it Pans Out $20,000 Nugget!

Winning $20,000 provided an awesome "rush" for Guadalupe Quesada of Tigard! Playing the $2 Gold Rush Scratch-it game, Guadalupe uncovered matches to the "gold number" on his ticket not once, not twice, but 10 times! Each time he matched his number, Guadalupe mined a $2,000 prize, to earn a total prize of $20,000. He bought his winning ticket at Original Joe's, 3844 SE Powell, Portland.

Guadalupe, 21, is the first $20,000 top-prize winner in Gold Rush. The game has a total prize payout of more than $1.5 million.

Hillsboro Man Celebrates $10,000 Oregon Fiesta Win!

Agustin Mercado Nuno won the $10,000 top prize in the Oregon Fiesta Scratch-it! Agustin matched the "Lucky Fiesta Number" on his Scratch-it ticket seven times, each with a $1,000 prize. Then, he uncovered three "Red Pepper" symbols worth $1,000 each for a total prize of $10,000! Lusetta's Deli, 460 SE 10th in Hillsboro, sold the winning ticket.

"Vegas Nights" Shine $50,000 Bright for Salem Resident!

In the middle of a long-distance phone call with one of her daughters, 57-year-old Mary Walker exclaimed, "I think I just won $50,000!"

Her daughter was quiet for a minute, then excitement took over. "We both began shouting back and forth!"

An occasional Scratch-it player, Mary purchased a $5 Vegas Nights Scratch-it ticket at Rite Aid, 4500 Commercial SE, Salem. The Salem resident was the first $50,000 winner in the game. Vegas Nights has a total prize payout of more than $3.3 million.

Claiming her winnings June 21, 2000, Mary said she planned to share her prize money with her two daughters. She may take a trip to the East Coast to enjoy her good fortune with her daughters.

Aloha Resident Nabs $25,000 Lucky Dog Scratch-it Prize!

The customer in front of Dennis Kuhnke didn't bite at the Lucky Dog Scratch-it game so, Kuhnke says, "When he didn't buy it, I thought I'd give the game a try." Lucky Dog Scratch-it proved lucky indeed for the Aloha man – he won a $25,000 top prize!

Kuhnke, 59, planned to use the money toward the purchase of investment property. An occasional Scratch-it player, he purchased his winning ticket at Albertsons, 6055 SW 185th Ave., Aloha.

Dollar's Numbers Put Keno Cash in Pendleton Woman's Pocket!

Eva Watchman decided to use the digits on a dollar bill to select her numbers for eight-spot Keno. She won $21,762! Eva got $15,000 for matching all eight numbers, and a Rolling Jackpot Bonus of $6,762! She played five consecutive games, at $1 per game, at the Silver Saddle, 2220 SE Court, Pendleton.>

The first game Eva played on June 9, 2000, made her a winner! The numbers were 9-17-21-25-52-58-64-70.

Eva had to look twice to realize she was the big winner! "At first glance, I didn't see the number 70," she said. When the winning numbers were redisplayed, she knew she had won big! Eva planned to share her prize with her family.

Dallas Mechanic Riveted by $1,875,000 Megabucks Win!

Using "Quick Pick" paid off for Megabucks player Austin Peden! The Dallas mechanic won $1.875 million in the April 29, 2000, Megabucks game. He is the 162nd Oregon Lottery Megabucks millionaire!

Austin, a regular player, bought 10 sets of numbers at Jackpot Food Mart, 129 E Ellendale St., Dallas. The final set of numbers matched those drawn: 7-8-12-15-22-26.

Peden, 43, chose the "Investment Fund" option for prize payment and received a single payment equal to one-half the advertised jackpot amount.

Golf Ball System Scores a Million for Bend Keno Player!

Oregon's first Keno millionaire has a unique method for selecting his numbers! Terry Trent numbered 80 golf balls just like 80 Keno balls. Out of his set, he picked 03-07-08-10-12-16-17-31-52-61 to play during a Feb 16, 2000, game. Then, choosing the "Special Keno" option, Terry played his numbers on a 10-spot Keno ticket at Ashley's Cafe No. 2 in Bend.

The rest is history! Terry became the first player to win the $1 million Keno prize from the "Special Keno" prize option, which began in April 1999. Terry also holds the distinction of being the 10th person to match all 10 numbers since Keno began in 1991! He is collecting $50,000 a year for 20 years under the annuity option.

Prineville 20-Year-Old Claims $5 Million Megabucks Prize!

photograph of Stacey BrooksThe 20-year-old winner of a $5 million Megabucks jackpot almost didn't buy a ticket for the drawing! "I don't know if it was really a 'feeling,'" says Stacey Brooks, "but something told me I should get my ticket." She is Oregon's 163rd Megabucks millionaire!

An employee of the Prineville Food Mart where she spent $2 for the Jan. 8, 2000, drawing, Stacey has a new duty. "People come in and ask if I'm the one with the winning ticket," she explains. "They'll ask me to touch their tickets for good luck!"

By choosing the "Original Plan," Stacey is receiving her $5 million in 20 equal annual payments. Her first payment was $250,000 before state and federal tax.

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